Warriors of the Seal

Symbol: No general symbol. Members are identified by small runic tattoos representing their rank in Draconic.

Membership Requirements: Killing a Warrior of the Seal automatically transfers that member’s tattoo to you. A tattoo may also be transferred voluntarily from a current member to someone else. Other members gain entry when an opening appears at the bottom; these members claim to have been invited by the mysterious Number 1.

Type: N/A; this group is not a typical organization, and does not seem to operate for any purpose other than advancement within its own ranks.

Scale: N/A; although members are widespread, they do not generally act as a cohesive unit.

Titles, Benefits, and Duties: Warriors of the Seal are identified by a number from 1 to 100, with 100 being the lowest ranked member. Number 1 is rumored to wield great power and influence in this world and those beyond, although it is unclear how much of this is related to his or her position. It is also unclear, generally speaking, who Number 1 is.
All Warriors of the Seal gain the following ability:

Pursuit of Glory: Members can automatically sense their own rank within the League, know when that rank changes (though not why), and can detect the general direction in which the next-higher ranking member can be found (though not the shortest path or absolute location).
This sense can get them to within about 50 feet of their target. If the next-higher member is on a different plane, the lower-ranked member has only a sense of immense and immeasurable distance until they are on the same plane as their target.
In addition, a Warrior of the Seal can detect exactly how many other members are within 50 feet of him or her by spending a full round action concentrating.

Executive Powers: Unknown.


Warriors of the Seal

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