Antibas Free Traders Guild

The Free Traders Guild is sort of like an overguild, made up of representatives from the various mercantile guilds of the city. The most notable guilds which make up the Free Traders Guild include:

  • The Jewelers’ Association
  • The Coalition of Certified Carpenters
  • The Free Masons
  • The Bonded Society of Shipwrights
  • The Ancient Association of Wainwrights, Wagonmakers, and Wheelwrights
  • The United Purveyors of Baked Goods
  • The Honored Order of Butchers and Fishmongers
  • The Taverners’ Lodge
  • The Fraternal Fellowship of Furriers
  • The Corporation of Certified Cobblers
  • The Bonded Sodality of Tailors
  • The Most Righteous League of Used Garment Dealers
  • The Free Federation of Dungsweepers
  • The Cooperative Alliance of Laborers, Porters, and Water Carriers
  • The Blessed Sorority of Maidservants and Laundresses
  • The Professional Affiliation of Physics and Apothecaries
  • The Most Ancient Brotherhood of Barbers
  • The Arcane Circle of Mirabicaries, Magical Artisans, and Alchemists

There are, of course, many smaller guilds which also send representatives to the Guildhall, but this should give you an idea of the Free Traders Guild’s influence and pervasiveness.

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More details on mercantile guilds p. 90 DMG2

Antibas Free Traders Guild

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