We learn that playing with mages is a bad idea

Bodies we don't need no stinking bodies

So Sho-am Bahd Barry and Larry having been found out have lost their bodies for playing with a Necromancer. Bill tells them that they can retrieve their bodies but he has already sold them to someone else. The three of them set off on the etherial plane to find their way into the city and after a short jaunt through the sewers they end up in the basement of another wizard and find Sho-am Bahd and Larry’s bodies. Sho-am Bahd is examining his body and then brushes against it and is sucked into his body. The wizard thinking something funny is going on pumps him so full of happy drugs that he won’t be waking up for awhile. Barry and Larry act as polteigists and drive off the wizard. Barry is able to get into his body and they head back to Bill’s place. They remember to not to go through the gate that would cause them to lose their bodies.

Meanwhile Josk Est and Shurdain Tribole find Barry’s body is being sold and watch as it is bough out from under them and carted off to a wizards house named Paul. Josk and Dain try to confront Paul and find to their great dismay that it is a bad idea, Josk is almost sent to see his Mother with one spell cast. Paul being the unambious and easy going guy forgives them with out killing them. Dain mentions a trade of Barry’s body for the Dragon body we currently posses. Paul is very interested but Josk thinks it worth more than the 10000gp that Paul paid for Barry’s body. So off to the local information man. Dain and Josk discover that Paul could be one of the mage lords if he so desired but doesn’t want to go the trouble. They also discover that the dragaon is worth 30000gp and they can get 15000. After some hageling the get 18000 for the body and then go back and offer 10000 to Paul he turns them down. Dain and Josk go looking for the rest of their party and discover the diembodied spirt of Barry along the way. He is able to tell the what happened. Josk Dain and Barry head for Bills. Barry forgets to tell Josk and Dain about the gate and they both end up in the same prediciment. After speaking to Bill they are able to quickly find their bodies in the market and recalim them. On the way to find their bodies they meet up with Larry and Shoam with a hord of zombies trailing behind them. Larry and Shoam are on the way to go kill Brent the store keeper who Bill dislikes. After becoming flesh once again (and ruining the business of a few body dealers) Josk and Dain head back to meet up with Shoam, Larry and the zombie horde.

The group converges on Brent’s store after sneaking through the back alleys of the city. A short battle ensues after the patrons on local citizens are warned off on the “joke” about to be played on Brent. The zombies pour in and Brent reacts badly to the “joke” and sets off a fireball that injures near by people. Brent is brought down by Dain after being wounded by the zombies. the local guard shows up and takes the controlling rings but not before the rest of the party steals a few items of interest. they all head out and still Barry is bodiless.

The party meets back at Paul’s house and Josk and Dain try to buy Barrys body back only to discover that he doesn’t want gold but the dragons body which they have already sold. Larry is able to go up and tell the sob story that Barry is his only brother and he would like his body back. Paul agrees to 10000gp and gives them a map to Barry’s body in the sewers.

For some reason Larry decides that a rest in the pen is needed and leaves the party to it’s own devices. Josk, Dain and Sho-am rest up and then descend in to the sewers in search of Barry’s body. Sho-am under the spell of invisibility goes ahead since he is a half elf with low light vision and discovers Paul’s pet a flesh golem made up of Dragon parts. Now it became clear why Paul wanted the dragon carcass so bad. Dain falls in battle after retrieving Barry’s along with the body of dwarf that is lying there. Dain is resurrected for 9,000 gp after sho-am talks his fellow clerics down.


JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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