Seeking Knowlege and none is to be found

I think that smoke and fire go together

As we gather up the members our party I am swept up in a vision that I am still pondering and worry for the true implications. I now know things that are good but at the same time feel I must keep to myself. I will not put the vision to pen now as it could be used against me, this I fear.

The party notices my slight lapse and gives me some odd looks but must hurry so they have no time to question me. I hope that they will forget it later We head north upon leaving the Moon Cape the images of the vision still swirling about my consciousness. I am not sure I can trust my party members with the things that were reveled to me as they may cause them to distrust me. My growing unease and paranoia are showing themselves in my ease of irritation. On our way to the city of the “animals” we see smoke rising out of the forest in the opposite direction, to our much later chagrin. We decide that it will be better to seek books at the village quickly and then head to the world of order.

Our arrival in the village happens without incident. We are not bothered by the villagers and soon discover that the only place that has any books of note is a hermit in the woods. Seeing that they cannot gain what they seek Larry and Barry incite a huge gathering of inhabitants in cheering their names. Children begin fighting in the streets over who gets to pretend to be one or other of the brothers. Barry even gives some of the children swords. I hope that the local wise woman will not be cursing our names after we have left. Through various drunken conversation and listening we discover the sword that we have stolen appears to not be of any import to the villagers. Disappointed and not being able to find out anything of significance to our quest we all head off to seek our slumber. The night passes uneventfully. I am haunted by more visions of different places and people who are suffering at my hands. I sleep and rest but am haunted by the atrocities I have committed in my dreams in the morning.

We head to the woods and the site of the smoke plume we witnessed yesterday. Upon arrival we find a clearing in the forest with a burned down house a dead man and wheel traces leading out of the clearing in the other direction. Dain decides to cast about looking for magic items. Down the stream that runs past the burnt out shell of a house there is a dead man in the stream. Dain is able to retrieve the poor soul from the stream and determine he is beyond our help. My whatever gods he follows have mercy upon his soul. Dain finds a small rod, an arm band with the letters EETC on it and some stones with portal images on them. At the sight of the stones my head swims with visions of what they are and quickly hold back the need to retch. I suggest that we go back and follow the wheel tracks. We follow them to a dead end of a carriage with no one in it. If they had access to the stones then I know that they are not here. I tell the party that they are gone and we have no chance of following them and that it would be good to go to the world of order now.

I activate the ring and looking back upon what is revealed to us do not wish the knowledge upon even my worst enemy.


JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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