Order, Chaos and Dragon Men

Wait...whose side are we on again...?

The party finds out from the Cleric that he was attacked and killed by a Water Wyrd. The pool of water that they find in the barn in the pen is link that the WW has made with the elemental plane of water. The group at first in an attempt to get rid of the hole widens it but by using Sho-am Bahd (Retired)’s staff of earth and stone is able to seal it off with a dome of solid earth, they hope.

On their way back to the inn they notice that alarms are sounding and that everyone is rushing to the north gate. Josk sends Red his raven familiar up to investigate. There are a group of chaos warriors and the leaders of the city gathered around. There is an exchange of words. The chaos warriors are asking about the child and it’s protection and the gates. They are accusing the Lords of the city of hiding gate travelers. The Lords banish them with a promise to find these travelers and that they still have the child and that they have not broken the pact made.

After learning of this the party reconvene back at the inn and decides that it is best that they leave the city of Fae with all due haste. After resting they head down to the sewers and taking the shortest route to the gate marked on their map.

Coming up to the room they discover that the gate is guarded by chain golems that can’t leave the room but with their weapons are able to cover the entire room, with deadly spinning sharpened chains. ShoAm is able to open a wall behind the gate and Shurdain Tribole casts a wall of force and the group is able to escape through the gate with minimal damage.

The party then find themselves in a world where everything is made up of metal even the plants. The group cautiously makes it’s way to the only building in sight. It turns out that this world is one of pure order and the building is the largest library in the known worlds. The builder of the library are the only ones who have been able to defeat chaos and banish it from their realm. They seek not money or food but knowledge. The group spends an entire week there. ShoAm is able to devour the spell book the group looks around for more information on their foe(s). Josk is able to discover by giving a total recall of the conversation between the magelords and the chaos warriors that the people with black halos are in fact the only weakness of the guardians of the embodiment of Chaos. If you kill off those with the halos then those guards will not be around to protect their lord. On this world there is only one gate that can be easily gained entrance to. The other two are behind sections of the library where more information must be used to buy your way in. The party gets their tasks from the keepers and heads to the free gate.

They are instantly dropped into the middle of a raging conflict between the chaos soldiers and a group of lizard men and knobolds. The party, not knowing which to fight against, take the easy way out and join with those who seem to be winning, the chaos warriors. ShoAm is able to disguise him self and convince the chaos warriors he is a General called Grievous. The CWs take the hill that is in the middle of the battle field and send the group out on a scouting mission. They head north to the mountains and hole up for the night. ShoAm decides to head to the opposing army’s camp because they hold the three gates. The party waits to see if he will return. Dawn arrives and ShoAm is back with lizard men following him. The party trusting ShoAm heads into the camp of the lizard men. When they arrive they discover a beaten and downtrodden army with a half dragon leader by the name of Lamasu. He explains his situation and the dire straights that his army is in.

The party decides to form a plan to destroy part of the army that is on the hill. They wait ready to spring the trap as ShoAm goes back to lead those on the hill to their doom. The CWs approach and start to take the bridge and ShoAm tells them the water is safer and proceeds to wade through it and makes it to the other side. About half of the army is in the water when the lizard men strike and take down those in the water. The rest of the CW crowd the bridge to try and get across. Dain uses his blasting globes and takes out the bride. Josk casts Evards grasping tentacles to keep the CWs on the bridge and falling into the water. A few escape the fate of the water but are quickly mopped up by Larry ( Lazarus ) and Barry. The group heads back to Lamasu’s tent.

There they decide that attacking the hill and the main army all at once in order to shut down the CW gate is the only option that remains. Lamasu introduces a new member to the party to take the place of ShoAm. The great spirit in the sky has told him that staying with Lamasu is a must and that Eshu, the Messenger will be a worthy replacement. ShoAm will stay back with the army trying to help them before the final assault.

The final attack begins with the party heading out with the army two minutes behind them. They have four poison archers with them disguised as prisoners. They make it back in time and speak with a woman who is in charge with a crazed look in her eyes. They explain their situation and they army on the hill is divided to try and deal with the two armies that appear to be trying to go around the hill. As soon as they leave the party attacks. Eshu disappears Dain gives the archers their bows and the brothers attack ferociously. Suddenly the crazed woman lets out a loud cry and then casts a fireball at her feet killing and wounding all within it sphere of influence. Fighters on both sides fall to the ground in fiery entanglements. The party is then able to take the hill as the sorceress is dead and many of her minions are wounded.

The party quickly heals up and sets up for the returning armies that left and to wait for their reinforcements. Ten of the twenty from the north return the lizard archers begin to shoot at them slowing them down. A cloud of golden dust appears before the advancing adversaries and some are blinded the rest are coated in a find shimmering powder that makes them very easy targets. They still advance and are taken down by the party fairly easily. The group from the south approaches and again a great battle ensue. Eshu scatters marbles on the hill slowing some of them down and at one point appears to fall to a mortal wound on the battle field. Larry has suddenly become a bear and is swatting down enemies with great swipes of his claws. Dain’s swords flash through the air as he dispatches his foes left and right. Barry is a solid rock that that the enemy uselessly throws it self against. Saul the dwarf has appeared out of the pen recovering from his fainting spell and is chopping down the warriors as if they were a great wood and he the lumberjack set to clear it. The party is wounded and bloodied but victorious as Lamasu and his army make their way back to the hill. ShoAm is with them but is saving his healing for the final attack. They have twenty minutes to bandage and prepare. Josk is able to use the healing wand knowing that its powers are quickly waning. Some in the party are able to use their healing belts or potions to revitalize themselves. Josk feels new powers are within his reach but knows that with his body so battered and beaten that it will take rest of more than twenty minutes to be able to access them. The party uses their time wisely and then is ready to head out on the main army. The chaos army waits for them on the horizon a seething black mass that seems to envelop the light.


JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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