Messenger's Logbook, Supplemental 4

Law, Learning, and Labor. And a Dragon. Ouch.

After doing a bit more traveling in the region around Mooncape, we discovered the existence of something called the East Empire Trading Company, an organization that I believe I have heard of before. They, like the Cabinet and the Fatemakers, send their scions out among the planes seeking their fortunes. Unlike the Cabinet, however, they do not trade in secrets or power, and unlike the Fatemakers, they hold little value in glory and independence. They are treasure hunters, seekers of wealth – the one medium of exchange which truly cannot endure beyond death.

However, the discovery was not entirely a waste. On the body of a dead mercenary (what else would they be called?) we found three stones with images of gates engraved on them. Although they seemed to possess no magical qualities, according to the illustrious Sir Shurdain, I am certain they are related to interplanar travel. Josk knows something about their function, but he would not share – it seems that behind their use is a method most foul.

From there, we departed to the world of order, a land known to some scholars as Phyrexia. It is inhabited entirely, so far as we saw, by golems and automatons, and its primary purpose seems to be the gathering of information for the sake of knowledge itself. Rather wasteful, if you ask me, but there it is.

This was an entirely profitable trip, as well – I was able to convert the yew bark I had gathered on Mooncape into a deadly poison for later use, although I spent nearly a month in the brewing. we were also able to barter some useful knowledge out of one of the Library’s Arbiters. Shurdain traded the three gate stones, and I translated, with the aid of Oblivion’s Delight, the chaos text inscribed above two sealed gates in the library. It seems these gates have not been opened in hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, and I would greatly value the opportunity to be among the first to journey through them.

However, for the time being, we are exploring other options that circumstances had prevented us from exploring in the past. We returned to Dracos, and from there journeyed to another world, calling itself Dominaria, which so far seems largely untouched by Chaos. Given that the magical energies of the world have been shattered to the point of rendering spellcasting unpredictable at best, and more often downright dangerous, I am not entirely surprised by this – likely the construction of working gates on this world would be very difficult indeed.

There, we are seeking the journal of the last living wizard, in the hopes of gaining some greater understanding of the nature of magic, of trading that knowledge to the Phyrexians for power, and, perhaps, of gaining a bit of wealth. We also seek to learn what gates exist on this world, but so far we have had no luck in finding them.

Oh, yes, and there is the small matter of the dragon. That wizard, I mentioned? The last one on this world? Apparently he turned himself into a dragon and got stuck. When we guessed his name, he decided to go for the throat. So that’s going well.


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