Messenger's Logbook, Supplemental 1

To my great amusement, I have been accidentally kidnapped.

Planar Date Y1102.22.21 Sword cane

After succumbing to my wounds during the final battle on the Draconic planet, I was secured, along with a drunken and battered dwarf, within the mystic confines of the mysterious artifact that my new companions refer to as “The Pen.”

Whether the artifact accesses space on its own strange demi-plane or an actual location in some desolate hell I cannot say, but I have been advised not to venture outside the building into which I am deposited. My own brief reconnoiter supports this suggestion: the landscape appears blasted and barren, but I could hear strange noises in the distance, and I saw some massive creature moving against the horizon.

Sadly for him, the dwarf failed to follow this advice, and I was in no condition to restrain him. I suspect that a bout of soberness may have overcome his senses and combined with our bizarre situation and surroundings to drive him over the edge. He fled into the desert, and I shut the door behind him.

I have been released from the confines of the Pen after a brief stay – long enough to recover my senses, although I was hardly fighting fit. Fortunately, I have more and better weapons than blades and poisons. A low-ranking servant of Chaos, the untrained and cowardly quality of guardsman more often referred to as a “lackey,” unwittingly activated the Pen in a small storage chamber.

My first instinct was to strike him down while he was startled, but my weakened condition made me hesitate. If he raised a cry before dying I might be in for more than I bargained for. Instead, I started talking, and I kept talking until the poor bugger and his six compatriots were as confused as I was. I was aided in no small part by having retained the appearance and uniform of a chaos officer – I gather that my rank was considerable.

{Note: Yes, there were seven of them. Even my death-dealing abilities have limits, and I’ve always been more of a duelist than a brawler.}

Anyway, I managed to get a bit of a lay of the land from them, along with several health potions to salve my wounds, some forged papers, and directions. I also stole 5000 gold, a Dislocator Great Axe, 2 Rings of Protection, and a Manta Ray Cloak. Score.

Unfortunately, given the capture of the Pen artifact (which I now possess), I must assume that the battle on the Draconic planet ended in defeat and death for my former compatriots. On a possibly brighter note, I may not be alone here. The lackey reported taking the Pen from a man matching the description of Sir Shurdain, a knight of some considerable ability. If I can find and free him, we may be able to escape and seek some vengeance against our malefactors.

After leaving the poor schmucks who freed me sleeping in their beds, I checked out the rest of the small dungeon complex. After a few turns, I found a ladder up to the streets, a wooden door to the office of the “leader,” whom the lackeys had seemed quite frightened of, and a mysterious metal door which they had said nothing about. I opted to explore the office first, as my dear lackey rescuer had mentioned a portal inside it.

After scanning the room for conscious minds, I set to work with my battering ram. Soon I had knocked the door from its hinges. Within I found a small office / living quarter. There were drawings of my ill-fated companions engaging in various activities, a chaos portal which I could not activate, a number of books, including a false one containing a key, and one other thing.

Hidden on one of the walls by some arcane means, I found a taunting message addressing Josk Est, the sorcerer whom I had recently made acquaintance with. It indicated that the key I had found would unlock the metal door, and that my companion Shurdain lay trapped within. It had a rather taunting manner, and I became certain that many deadly traps lay beyond that metal door. I was also certain that I would bypass them successfully, or die in the attempt: one cannot destroy the enemies of peace and harmony without allies.

It was at this point that I also began to have some hope that my allies might still be alive and active. Perhaps the battle had not gone so badly after all. Indeed, judging by the message, it seemed likely that my allies would be on their way here, strung along by a similar trail of taunting clues.

I must admit a certain smug glee when I imagined them arriving to find myself and Shurdain waiting for them, the enemy’s dungeon laid in ruins behind us.



absolutely friggin awesome! point to you good sir.


Thank yuh, thank yuh. I almost wrote the second part, and then thought, “My gosh, it’s full of spoilers!”

JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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