go go magic...pit?

As we appear on the world of order I feel a tenseness that I had been unaware of leave me. At least here I believe I am safe. We meet with the arbitrator again and offer up our collected knowledge in the hopes that we can gain some other small advantage against CHAOS. We are able to gain a better feeling of good will from him this time but that is all.

Eshu is able to find out that the stones from the other world are quite valuable to the arbitrator in return for knowledge. This to some degree makes me wary of those here after seeing what is required to make them work. They all display worlds that can get us to a gate home but I believe that the cost would be too high. I refuse to again tell the others what I have learned in order to protect them and myself.

The ring I acquired in the Mystic Block is in fact linked to the Rakshasa and it will inhibit me from combat magic. So this does explain the dreams. I can only remove the ring on the Rakshasa and he can only remove mine or when one of us is dead. This is troubling news, but I must find a way to use it in my favor.

Eshu is able to decipher the riddle of the locked gates and gains our party more knowledge. We spend a month healing up and preparing for what will come. My nights are filled with screams and sufferings that I will make the one who committed them pay for.

We decide not to enter one of the two now unlocked gates and instead return to the lizard world and meet back up with Lammasu. We soon discover that Lammasu and his army have been unsuccessful in regaining their lost loved ones. Lammasu tells of their plight and the dark skinned elves that they keep seeing. I remember somewhere from the tomes that I was researching that they can be very deadly opponents and we will need to be extra wary during the night. Lammasu suddenly becomes very concerned with us leaving soon and tells us that he now has everything under control. I worry that he may have seen my ring and knows what it means and wants to keep the Rakshasa away from his family and friends. I don’t blame him but it is one more evil to add to the list of this foe.

We head to our next world and appear on a road with mountains to the north and a forest to the south. Red is able to tell us that the road leads to the city off in the distance and that there are a group of dwarves coming our way. We all qucikly hide in the fields on the side of the road and Eshu disguises himself as a dwarf just to be safe.

After a failed attempt to convince the dwarves we are circus performers we do find that they are part of a group that is going to reclaim the dwarven homeland but that the humans are not invited to come along. Eshu decides to go along with the dwarves and we will go through the forest.

As we travel through the forest I keep seeing something just out of the corner of my eye, but I can never catch it. Nothing happens but the eerie feeling of being watched doesn’t go away. Dain seems so disturbed by it he casts a spell. I watch as he makes the gestures and a forty foot deep pit open up beneath the both of us. He still has on his ring of feather fall so lands at the bottom unscathed. I on the other had plummet like a stone but not as safe as one. I dust my self off and in anger fly myself up out of the pit. I do remember to grab the rope Dain has to haul himself out with. We all look back at the forest and realized that it maybe attacking us. I try to reason with the inhabitants in their own language and am met with silence. Dain again weaves the elemets of a spell together and makes everyone suddenly fly up and then fall back down to the ground. I only escape the effect of the spell by still flying. Dain again with his ring is unhurt.

Larry and Barry in a seeming fit of if I don’t understand it the best response is to destroy it, throw alchemist fire at the tress and we walk away. I have reservations about what this may mean for us. We reach the road again and on the way to the city I ponder what the visions are and how I can use them to my advantage if any.

I am startled out of my thoughts by the city guard leveling their bows at us from their wall and telling us we have to leave now. All magic users are forbidden and they want nothing to do with any of us. We have three seconds to leave or we will become pincushions. The brothers and I turn to leave, Dain appears to contemplate fixing the soldiers but decides against it and follows us away.

We meet back up with the dwarves and Eshu and ask him to come and meet back up with us. We tell him our difficulty in entering the city and he devises disguises for us to gain entry. We head to the nearest inn and tavern. We gather little information other than that the professor is the one we seek and that magic doesn’t work well here and all want nothing to do with magic users. It appears that there was a great war and after the destruction of the war magic was forever shattered and only works in a staticie manner. This of course explains our failures outside of the forest. In the inn we are look stared at most intently by a strange group all wearing the arm band STC. Eventually they all get up and leave and Eshu follows them he does come back so nothing must have happened. We turn in for the night and I feel much better and rested upon arrising.

We are able to find the professor and after consulting with him find out two important things of information. The last wizard from this world, Thurston, lived in the mountains about half a days walk north and that the only gate he knows of is near a cabin and lake south of here. We decide to head north in search of the last wizard and his book which the arbitrators seek.

We arrive at a broken stone structure that has seen better days. When we enter we find nothing of note. Suddenly we hear and see a huge creature overfly the building. A green dragon greets us outside of the building. In a desperate act I try to enhance the weapons of my allies and the spell goes sideways but heals all of us. This has the unfortunate effect of letting the Dragon see that I can cast magic and he tells us we must leave his home now. No one make any threatening moves. Dain starts saying things about brethren but elicits no response. Eshu and I both leave but not before figuring out that the Dragon is the wizard Thurston and tell him so. This seems to enrage the dragon and he attacks. I haven’t been struck yet and Larry and Barry are the only ones who seem able to harm the beast/wizard. Larry at one point in fit of fear uncharismatic of him runs away but quickly returns. I am able to get one spell off to help us all but hope that we will be able to reason with the wizard who may be trapped in the body that is not his own and is suffering from maddness that I am sure long association on this world must cause.


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