A portal hunting we will go.

Things cost money...let's fight!

The group reconvenes back at the inn. The dwarf body is in fact alive and his name is Saul. He has been drunk for the last twelves years and isn’t sure if his home is even on the same plane the he is currently inhabiting. He sets out to find a place to drink and get back to the state he was in before Shurdain Tribole, Josk Est and Sho-am Bahd rescued his unmoving body. Josk tries to convince Saul this would be a bad idea. Saul doesn’t really like this and is convinced to join Larry and Sho-am on a trip to visit Bill and complete their mission. Josk makes sure to remind them about he gate and losing their bodies yet again. Sho-am tells him to be quiet and tells Saul he doesn’t know what he is talking about and they head out.

Sho-am and Larry try to play a joke on Saul with the gate and it ends up with everyone losing and then jumping back into their bodies. They go and meet with Bill and find his brother Paul there (same Paul who bought Barry’s body) and they return the controlling rings and inform Bill that his army is in the custody of the city guard. This saddens him for the guard just destorys the zombies when they aren’t in the arena. Bill is very interested in the spell book of Brents and after some discussion with Sho-am it is decided that the book will be turned over to him in two days. Bill sends an undead money with the three of them just to be sure.

Josk headed back to the local information seller Drugsvold and after remembering to offer him 7000gp more than what he asks for on the cheapest item there asks about gates and their possible protectors. He finds out about the other two gates the one in the sewers and the one guarded by water elementals, a water weird, and other denizens of the aquatic realm. Josk also makes a deal of 30% of his winning for the weaknesses of his opponents in the arena a green roast chicken will be delivered with the information underneath. He returns to the temple of Eilraz and inquires what they may know of the lake to the north east and the creatures inhabiting it. They elect to send one of their clerics out to check it out, he has a thirst for knowledge about creatures of water. He says he will return as soon as possible.

Josk returns to the inn around the same time as the other three. Barry puts Sho-am into the “pen” after being told to let Sho-am out after two days. The monkey becomes rather confused and begins a search of the room and Barry for the missing half-elf. Josk tells them what he has learned about the nearby gates

Dain decides he wants to enter into the arena and earn some gold so off he goes to enter into the tournament there. He also sees it as a way to complete the task of killing (the tournament is to the death) two members of each faction of the city. He is able to quickly and at times narrowly defeat his opponents and then is off the Ms. Mizarkas with his geas complete. Ms. Mizarkas seems to be confused and doesn’t know what Dain is talking about at all but is pleased to hear that there are a few less wizards to try and steal from her in the city. Dain asks her about the lake to the north east and she gives him rings and braclets to “protect” him and his party when they go there. He retuns to the inn and pops Sho-am out of the pen quickly and asks him to identify the items and finds that none of them protect against water creatures. Some are fairly interesting.

Barry enjoying having his body back wanders around checking things out in the city waiting patiently for two days to pass to let Sho-am out.

The party rests up for the next day.

Josk heads to the arena and gets the info that the wizard he is fighting always starts off by casting magic missiles. The battle ensues the wizard casts haste on himself and Josk disappears. The wizard casts a cloud of dust that outlines Josk and then cast magic missles at him. Josk returns the attack with lighting bolts. They trade blows and then the wizard takes a step and smoke rises from his mouth and he falls over dead. Josk takes his money and splits his winnings. Haveing been hurt he heads back to the inn to rest up.

Larry spends the day searching for a wizard to join him in the arena and finds a very competent wizard the agrees to split the winnings with him. They enter the ring and after one spell and a sword swing from Larry the other two opponents fall over dead. Barry bet on his brother and his wizard also wins some money.

Everyone heads back to the inn and goes to sleep.

Josk goes to the temple of Eliraz and asks about the cleric who he had spoeken to. The other clerics haven’t heard anything and seem worried. Josk is able to convince everyone except Dain to go the the lake and find him. The approach cautiously and soon see that the cleric’s body is on the island in the middle of the lake next to the gate. After much discussion the group decides to cast air walk and invisibilty on Larry and he will go and put the cleric alive or dead into the pen and they will return to the temple that way. Everything goes according to plan and they return to the temple as quickly as possible. Once there, they discuss rings of warding etc Larry has Barry put him in the pen for 1 sec. when he returns he says the cleric is dead and looks dried up. The party returns the body of the cleirc hoping he will be resurrected so that he can tell them what happened.


great job Jeremy, 1 point for you!

A portal hunting we will go.
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