Hill Dwarves

The Hill Dwarves of the White Mountains, like their Red Dwarf cousins, generally divide themselves by which peak they hail from. Due to the extensive mining complexes which are necessary to create Dwarven cities, they are often perceived as being greedy or obsessed with precious metals and gems. The truth, however, is that Dwarven culture simply produces an overabundance of these items -Dwarves are no more or less greedy than any other race.

Customs and religion vary somewhat from mountain to mountain, and there are dozens of settlements of various sizes throughout the range. The largest Hill Dwarf settlements are at Mont Blanc, Mont Rosa, and Dom.

Red Dwarves

The deep Dwarves of the White Mountains are both industrious and numerous, but have a deep distrust of outsiders which has only grown stronger over the centuries.

Gray Elf

The Gray Elves of southern Aelfraed are dedicated city-dwellers known for their graceful, sweeping architecture, skilled mages, and famous university. They dwell almost exclusively in the coastal city of Eleston, the southernmost reach of the Aelfraed’s treaties, and a major port – it sits halfway between Beiria and the Gala Coast, and is the primary thoroughfare for goods moving into and out of Aelfraed.

Gray Elves tend to be relatively non-religious, preferring to focus their energies on study, trade, and magic. Eleston’s official seal bears the inscription, “MAY THE GODS HELP THOSE THAT HELP THEMSELVES.”

High Elf

The High Elves of the Aelfraed consist of seven tribes divided across territorial and cultural lines, but they have been united by a series of treaties, trade agreements, and defensive pacts over the last several hundred years, and their ancient differences now result in mere squabbling rather than open bloodshed.

Although there are numerous others, as any elf will tell you, the primary dividing line among the high elves rests on whether they should adapt themselves to the world, or adapt the world to themselves. Four tribes, known as Arboreal Elves, embrace the former concept, and three tribes, known as City Elves, choose the latter.

The Arboreal Elves consist of the following tribes: Noll, Ohlgar, Ahfild, and Adenedhel

The City Elves founded the following eponymous cities: Alfsol, Oliwa, and Glorfin

Wild Elf

The Wild Elves of Aelfraed’s west coast are primarily hunters, farmers, and fishers, and rarely build settlements larger than a few thousand citizens. Villages generally consist of a single extended clan, while towns might be made up of 4 or 5 such groups. Their way of life exists in a kind of middle-ground between the Arboreal and City Elves described above, as they cultivate the bounty of nature without taking selfishly or causing more damage than is needed for their own survival.

That being said, there is a single major port city on the western coast, and that is Elros, which sits at the mouth of the river that flows out through Alfsol farther inland. Elros primarily trades with smaller towns up and down the coast, but recently merchants have begun exploring the west coast of Beiria.

Wood Elf

The Wood Elf tribes of northern and eastern often live hard lives, and different clans and tribes respond to these pressures in different ways. Wood Elves face constant conflict with the Orc tribes to the north, and potential trading conflicts with the Gnomes and Dwarves to the east and south. All young Wood Elves are trained to defend themselves, and adults are required by Wood Elf law to own weapons, and permitted to carry them at all times.

Most settlements consist of crossroads and river areas where trade is made easy and different clans can come together during festivals; these settlements typically remain fairly small as clans move around during the year and large gatherings often provide tempting targets for raiders. The fortified town of Rondel, in the western foothills of the WHITE MOUNTAINS, is a notable exception. It protects important overland trade routes, and tends to draw Orcish raiders at regular intervals.


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