Membership in a larger organization can bring characters many benefits, if they’re willing to follow the rules and pay their dues.

Here are some affiliations and organizations that characters can join:

Antibas Free Traders Guild

This powerful mercantile organization works to regulate trade in the city, and with outside trade groups from Eleston and Genova, and insures that local merchants get their fair share.

The Bloodhound Agency

Details p. 163 of CA

Sort of like a medieval bounty-hunting organization, the Bloodhound Agency is an organization of skilled trackers and investigators whose members spend much of their time finding people who don’t want to be found. Although most of the organization’s income comes from collecting legitimate bounties from law enforcement and governments, members are free to accept or deny commissions as they see fit. They are often in competition with Grayhaunt Investigative.

Brightmantle Consortium

Details p. 168 of PHB2

Headquartered in the eastern WHITE MOUNTAINS, the Brightmantle Consortium has mining and weapons-forging interest spread throughout the mountain range and the GALA COAST. It represents a very powerful trade interest in large city-states, although smaller polities tend to resent their monopolistic business practices.

Darkspire College

Details p. 171 of PHB2

Located in the underground cavern-city of Thaun beneath the White Mountains, Darkspire College is the largest university outside of Eleston. The primary focus of studies is in areas of arcane knowledge, but the College is also famed for its courses on exotic creatures and life underground.

Elves of the High Forest

Details p. 173 of PHB2

This tightly-knit community of Elves in the eastern AELFRAED welcomes all elves who seek to defend the forest from exploitation and outside invasion. They are masters of stealth, woodcraft, and the hunt, and are among the most feared Wood Elf tribes (although their membership is not exclusive to Wood Elves).

Grayhaunt Investigative

Details p. 174 CA.

With guildhalls in most major cities, Grayhaunt is a highly successful investigative guild which offers its services to private and government entities alike. Grayhaunt is known to specialize in difficult to solve murder cases and rooting out the influence of ghosts and similar undead. They are often in competition with The Bloodhound Agency.

The Sun Fane

Details p. 180 of PHB2

Known as one of the great temples of CHAKRA, the Sun Fane is located in Genova and its primary goal is to spread the worship of CHAKRA as the greatest, mightiest, most merciful, and most righteous of the gods. Its members are often outspoken in their faith and persistent in their missionary lifestyles.

Talespinners’ League

Details p. 183 CA.

A loose confederation of bards, storytellers, and adventurers, the Talespinners’ League advocates the free spread of knowledge and stories throughout all lands. Various regional meetings take place on an annual basis in order for members to swap new stories, relearn old ones, and vote on any issues which affect all members.

Unmarked Coin Mercenary Guild

The Unmarked Coin Mercenary Guild is a large and widespread organization well-known for keeping contracts and not asking questions. They organize and hire out mercenary companies in most major cities throughout Adanne

Warriors of the Seal

For at least the last thousand years, and possibly longer, 100 of the world’s most deadly warriors have competed
This semi-legendary group of skilled warriors is not so much an organization as it is a quest for glory and a test of martial prowess. League members often gain great fame during their usually brief lives.

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