The Aelfraed, meaning “Elf Counsel,” is a region of loosely allied city-states and tribes bound together by preferential trade agreements and mutual defense pacts. Named for the original treaty which brought peace to the High Elves, and which has been modified and expanded upon over time to include other groups and races.

Although each individual tribe and city-state is sovereign and free to run its internal affairs as it sees fit, there are certain universal laws to which all have agreed. Each member-state sends a single delegate to the Aelfraed’s Annual Midsummer Meeting to discuss affairs which affect multiple members. Emergency meetings may also be called to settle serious disputes and deal with crises.

The Aelfraed is primarily inhabited by the various races of Elves.


The Gala Coast refers to a large region consisting of AELFRAED’s southern coast and a narrow peninsula. Although it is divided up into many smaller city-states and baronies, many decades of sea-born trade have heavily intermixed local cultures until the area has become a melting pot of different races and religions.

Much of the Gala Coast is difficult to access from the mainland due to a massive mountain range; most trade with other regions occurs by boat.

The Gala Coast is primarily inhabited by Humans.


This vast mountain range largely cuts the Gala Coast off from the mainland of Adanne. Despite the apparent harshness of the climate and difficulty of travel over them, the White Mountains are heavily populated. Most of the population, however, lives and works underground. When merchants do not wish to risk their goods at sea, they can pay the high tariffs to pass through the tunnels of the White Mountains.

Most of these tariffs are paid in the form of food, as that is the one natural resource the mountains are in short supply of, and a great deal of stone and ore is exported each year to keep the growing population fed.

The White Mountains are primarily inhabited by Dwarves and Gnomes.


This large western peninsula is home to a diverse array of wildlife, and is somewhat cut off from the mainland by mountains. However, it has a great deal of easily accessible shoreline, and the peoples of the exterior have profited greatly from trade. The tribes and clans of the interior remain more primitive.

Beiria is primarily inhabited by Halflings.


Otherwise known as the northern freeholds, the northern wilderness, and other less-inviting names, the region known as Slava is mostly home to primitive clan and tribe organizations. In recent years, fierce raiders sailing swift, hardy longships have begun venturing farther and farther south seeking slaves and plunder.

Slava is primarily inhabited by Orcs.

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