Law and Order

Local magistrates and the Sheriff of the Blue Guard are Lawful Neutral, more focused on enforcing the law as written than fixing social ills or playing favorites. The last 50 years of generally peaceful government has fomented a general respect for the rule of law, and the recently updated legal code was affirmed by a referendum of land-owning citizens.

However, Antibas is plagued by a severely undermanned city guard, whose numbers have not kept pace with the city’s recent growth. In addition, many magistrates, judges, and advocates are suspected of corruption stemming from the city’s powerful mercantile forces, who have become flush with cash over the last 25 years. Everyone knows that social standing and wealth can get a person acquitted of all but the most serious crimes.

Notable Locations:

City Buildings

City Hall – The Mayor and Council members have offices here, and this is where public announcements are made, meetings are held, and various bulletins and advertisements are posted.

Antibas House – The Mayoral Residence, a fine mansion on a large hill.

Barracks of the Blue Guard – The Blue Guard is the official law enforcement agency of Antibas. They are well-respected, if undermanned, and enforce the letter of the law without regard for rank or social status.

House of Justice – This imposing building is just down the road from the Blue Guard’s Barracks. It houses court rooms, additional barracks and holding cells, and offices for various magistrates and law officers.

Halls of the Dead – This peaceful cemetary is reserved for the heroes and great folk of Antibas, both ancient and modern. It features preparation chambers for bodies, offices, meetings rooms, and a large nondenominational ceremony chamber.

Brownstone Watch – This watchtower is situated on a cliff some way outside of town. It serves to keep watch for approaching pirates or warships, so that the town is never surprised.


Cathedral of the Shining Path – This grand cathedral of Sarani is one of the largest of its kind anywhere. Antibas is a city of trade, travel, and commerce, and many pilgrims come to visit this holy site.

Saint Hector’s Retreat – This monastery enclave is devoted to the ideals of the legendary Saint Hector, a human follower of CHAKRA. It provides housing, worship space, and training grounds to clerics, monks, and paladins.

Shrine of the Shield – This shrine to AELFGAR holds regular devotion ceremonies and houses priests, clerics, and paladins.

Dream’s Echo Temple – This strangely shaped temple seems to have been built inside the shell of some monstrous sea creature. It is dedicated to Slumbering AUMOE.

Altar of the Flickering Spear – This altar and surrounding structure are dedicated to RAAMYA, the Stormlord. Notable features include a tall lightning rod extending above the altar, and its open-air construction.

Silver Dome Basilica – This well-sized temple of ELIRAZ provides traveling mages and scholars with a place to worship, or even spend the night in need. It is rumored to have many secret rooms and a considerable library, although the priests remain quite close-mouthed.

Guilds and NGOs

Unmarked Coin Mercenary Guild – This large and impressive building belongs to the Unmarked Coin Mercenary Guild, a large and widespread organization well-known for keeping contracts and not asking questions.

Antibas Free Traders Guild – This powerful mercantile organization works to regulate trade in the city, and with outside trade groups from Eleston and Genova, and insures that local merchants get their fair share.


The Torn Scroll Theater – The best-known of Antibas’ theaters, the Torn Scroll features many traveling shows of various kinds, mostly starring members of the Talespinners’ League, and is administered by an ancient Elven bard.

Seven League Downs – Antibas’ premier racetrack and gambling house, Seven League Downs features daily and weekly betting events including races, combat tournaments, and more.

The Drunken Oarsmen – This somewhat disreputable inn appeals to sailors and travelers from all corners of the world.

The Bottle and Blade – An unsavory tavern not far from the seafront. Newcomers had best be well-armed.

Specialty Merchants and Shops

Esoteric Eats – What happens when an alchemical genius meets a brilliant chef? An unforgettable eating experience, that’s what! Esoteric Eats takes its guests on a dinner adventure and puts a new spin on familiar recipes. Esoteric Eats is also a full-service catering operation, and we’d love to serve at your next feast. Drop by anytime for a night you’ll never forget!

The Yellow Lanterns – A small family restaurant, The Yellow Lanterns is somewhat off the beaten track, and serves various noodle and vegetable dishes in addition to traditional local fare.

Azure Exchange – Can’t find any takers for those foreign coins? Need some extra cash to finance a large purchase? Azure Exchange is the largest money changer and lender for 100 miles. And if you’re looking for a bargain, our shelves also feature a variety of gently-used wares priced for the discriminating buyer.

House of Metege – The premier haberdashery of the northern Gala Coast, House of Metege is an exclusive fashion resort, providing custom tailoring, image consulting, and related services. If you need to look your very best, you need to visit House of Metege.

The Giant’s Sandal – The largest (and nearly the only) cobbler in Antibas, The Giant’s Sandal features thousands of shoes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. If you see something you like, buy it fast – it’ll be gone within the week!

The Alabaster Bottle – The Alabaster Bottle features the Gala Coast’s widest selection of perfumes, incenses, and other scents, with stock coming all the way from BEIRIA and the far East. Various alchemical supplies and items are also kept in stock, for more adventurous shoppers.

Greenleaf Magical Curiosities – This disingenuous cornershop does a brisk trade with people of all walks of life. If you’re looking to add a bit of magic to a mundane life, why not stop in and take a look around?

The Spinning Mirror – Lost items, loves, and fortunes found, secrets revealed, and directions given. Good advice extra. Minor potions and scrolls available for purchase upon request. Just ask for Perro!

Phindal’s Livery and Couriers – The finest stables and messenger service in the land, Phindal’s lies just outside of Antibas proper on the main road.

Oakknoll Wainwright – Located just down the road from Phindal’s, Oakknoll Wainwright produces and repairs standard wagon wheels of all sizes, as well as custom carts, wagons, and other conveyances.

Other Locations Around The Area

Montmorency Estate and Orchard – Once one of the most influential noble houses in town, the Human Montmorency’s have fallen on very hard times over the last few generations.

Fishermen’s Island – A small, swampy island that is nonetheless an excellent fishing spot thanks to its many shoals and beaches.

The Frog Pond – A large pond full of frogs and other animal life lies around 15 miles outside of town. Local legends variously say it is the home of a faerie enchanter(/tress), an enchanted prince (/cess), or the grave of an evil cult’s victims. It gets few visitors, but people sometimes toss in coins and such for luck.

Black Market – There is believed to be a significant Black Market hidden somewhere in Antibas, where traders deal in goods banned by the elves of Eleston or the humans of Genova.


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