A Day in the Life {COMPLETE}
When trouble's cooking, who will clean up the mess?

The Calzone golem was slain and Gendrew saved!

Some coordinated teamwork was required to put out the fire the group found burning when they arrived, but a few wet blankets really moved things along.

An Imp and a tiny Fire Elemental proved to be more annoying than challenging, one falling to a sword and the other to a bucket of water. (Did it turn into a Steam Elemental and run away? The world may never know.)

However, while 3/5ths of the party were searching the house and examining some unlabeled potions, two intrepid explorers decided to check out the basement, bypassing a door blocked with a chair on their way.

They found a foe most fresh, an enemy most enticing, none other than a crispy calzone golem!


In thanks for their efforts, Gendrew the chef and Andolyn the wizard (Gendrew’s wife) promised them a magical feast in the near future.

The Expedition Begins
A Magelord of Eleston needs extra guards and guides for an archaeological expedition...
Rubble Trouble at Ventimi
A cave-in has trapped some of the villagers near a wizard's tower...
It burns!
Let's hope what happens in Duvik's Pass stays in Duvik's pass...
Nectar, Ambrosia, and...Beer?
Saorge is holding one of its many annual drinking contests, and the party is invited!
Mont Bego
Its name can mean many things, few of which are good.
The Hermit's Lair
Lots of hermits live in caves. Most of those caves are rather smaller, but then, so are the hermits they belong to.
Rocca dell'Abisso
At the bottom of a deep and inaccessible chasm, the Fortress waits.
Serpent Temple in Brightstone Mine {COMPLETE}

The Altar was opened, and the treasure found! And no one actually died!

On their way to Brightstone Keep, the brave band crossed a troll bridge and managed to slay a juvenile Skrag, whose parents were conspicuously (and fortunately) absent. Maybe it was a juvenile delinquent?

At the keep itself they met a friendly competing party who were after the same thing. However, their rivals proved noble and the cleric there agreed to heal them all in exchange for them taking the first two watches. Predictably, the rival group got an early head start into the mine rather than stick around to watch over their sleeping competitors.

After making their way to the Serpent’s Temple via an unnecessarily circuitous route, they managed (barely) to survive and defeat two invisible Phantom Fungi and to solve the altar’s puzzle (which ended up being far more difficult than it was intended to be – no champion riddlers we).

5 Jeweled Chalices, 4 Silver Salvers, and 2 Gold Censers (along with one ancient stone tablet) constitute the prize.

Recon Mission - The Bloodfist Tribe
A tribe of Orcs is moving dangerously far south, pillaging everything in their path. The party must gather intel.

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