Yous not so tough
bigger they are the harder they fall and burn

The death of our companion and general use member seems to give us more courage and vigor. We launch the assault on the Dark Stalker with the knowledge that if one of us can fall then we all may.

Here comes the big guy (set to the wedding march)

The roaring sounds that we heard were what appear to be living shadows. They slink and squirm from out of the darkness. The party members quickly become engaged in a fight with the creatures. It is only by the luminescence of the blood of the fallen inhabitants of this city that we can see anything.

Messenger's Logbook, S17
Different Kinds of Darkness

The Night Stalker is no more, and I have at last unlocked some of the true power of my blade – in slaying the foul monstrosity, I have proven my devotion to the cause of neutrality yet further than ever before, and Eliraz Halfmoon, God of Magic, Secrets, and Death, has rewarded me.

Messenger's Logbook, S16
A World of Darkness, Part 1: Every Shadow Contains Only More Shadows

Seriously, it’s really dark here.

Messenger's Logbook, S15
Oh, the Horror, Part 9: More Like A Bloody Disappointment

That’s it, then. Frerin just plan smasherooed the Skull of Acererak, outright. I had called upon the power of my dark master to aid us, here, and I saw the signs of his endless power in that deadly blow. Plus, I came out unscathed. Clearly a good sign.

The end is nigh
Dwarf SMASH!

So after waking up discovering that is smelled strongly of koblod and had no hair I prompltly fixed the situation and disabled the kobold and knocked him out. The room behind the throne we searched and found four statues a crypt and a burning brazer…

Messenger's Logbook, S14
Oh, the Horror, Part 8: More Than Meets The Eye

Since last I wrote, we’ve had a series of misadventures that hardly bears remembering, much less repeating. I will sum up.

Jeremy's adventures in the hospital
I fail my heal check and need a "cleric" to fix me

So I got to go the the ER yet again. I thought it would be a quick oh you have this, and bada bing bada boom I am home in time to play games. Nope that is not what happened.

Columns, Columns, eveywhere but not a drop to drink.
We came, we saw, we woke him up

The giant columned stood before us and we decided to enter carefully as just casting about has caused us no end of trouble (sorry Loretta). An orange glow beckons to us from across the room. Upon further explorations there are way too many columns three doors, a throne with a crown on it and two very scary faces hanging about 10 feet up on the walls. This is going to be tricky.

Messenger's Logbook, S13
Oh, the Horror, Part 7: The King is Dead, Long Live the King

So we’ve explored the so-called “Columned Hall” pretty thoroughly at this point. We found a glowing orange gem, surrounded by bodies, and we found an evil looking throne with an equally evil-looking crown and scepter set in gold and silver.


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