World Smi-clops
High gravity, mountains, and drunken dwarvish recluses. Oh yeah, and don't forget about the...

So memory did serve, and it was indeed a mountainous world. It was also, unsurprisingly, a high-gravity world, which made everything harder, but not too much harder.

After a round of introductions with the nearby village’s constables (What clans are you? Clan Sho-ahm, Clan Strong, No clan at all. Where did you come from? There was a hole in the world; we fell through it. Say again?) we were invited to stay the night if we liked. As it turned out, we did not like.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Chaos Deity
Some people bring apple pie, some people banish you to alternate dimensions.

Current members:

Our heroes were just settling into their lives as Knights of the Land and masters of Brightstone Keep when a not-impolite chaos deity decided that they were going to be trouble and banished them to a strange dimension, and that without so much as buying drinks or cooking breakfast! Most likely because it was a chaos deity, they were allowed to take various possessions and personal effects with them, so they aren’t completely helpless, but it’s no doubt going to be an adventure getting back.

The Black Knight...who breaths fire
I think it will take more then removing body parts to win this one

The orcs seem to be confused by the sudden appearance of more opponents but take it in stride and being methodically killing off the doubles. While they are distracted Shurdain Tribole leaps into the battle and dispatches two more of the orcs. Siritol and Barry around the corner of the building fight against 4 more orcs and handedly defeat them. Talesin, Josk Est, and Shurdain Tribole finish off the remaining orcs. Suddenly one of them takes off at a run Josk Est’s raven Red takes off and lands on the orc and suddenly there is a flash and a crackle of electricity and the orc smokes and smolders and then falls over dead. Siritol and Barry come back around the corner just in time to see a tall black clad warrior march up and face the group. He removes his helm and from no where a large engulfing fire is brought forth and enveolpes the party. Shurdain Tribole, Talesin, Siritol, Barry and Josk Est are all caught in the conflaguation Josk Est catches fire and falls to the ground hurt and sizzling from numerous wounds. The other party members are still standing but burnt and singed and the smell of charged hair and skin suffuses the air as they size up their foe. From somewhere far off someone says “merely a flesh wound.”

Huzzzahh...OH CRAP
But kicking on both sided

The party is able to find plenty of provisions and are greeted as heroes back at the city. Things are settling down as the calm before the storm begins. The group is tasked with taking on those groups of orcs who slip thorough the lines in a stop gap measure. The group quickly heads out to their area to await the joys of combat. When they get there they soon come upon a group of orcs and the battle begins. Talesin quickly jumps into the fray with a call to Shurdain Tribole to try and catch up. Talesin is quickly in the throws of battle with two orcs. The rest of the group hurries to catch up. Slowly the group finds and defeats a group of seven orcs but is soon surrounded by two more squads who come up behind them. The group fights valiantly with orcs being back stabed and cut in half by the team of Barry and Siritol. Blades are flying in a blur from Talesin and Shurdain Tribole. Josk Est seems to hold back but then enters the fray and suddenly there are five of him.

They are not from the Carribian, I think

The two ships pull up along side one another. Both sides size each other up and get ready to board or be boarded. Talesin swings across the ship in a bold move but no one follows him across. Josk Est sends a bolt of fire from across the ships hitting and buring almost to a crisp one of the pirates. He then takes a mighty blow to the face with an arrow but is able to stumble back and recover. He discovers that the wand he has is indeed a healing wand of tremendous power. Feeling better he jumps back into the fray behind his fellow party members.

the long talk part II
so much talking it took two posts

It is then reveled that Fredrick did indeed hire the Needle to steal the money of the town’s. He did so to pay a ransom for a stolen artifact, in fact the key piece of the collection. It details a plague from around 1000 years ago. It is greatly sought after by the Eurasians which is the city the elven mercenaries and Fredrick are from. Through various divinations Fredrick knew the group was coming and the whereabouts of the artifact and money. A ship called the Queen Anna Karina’s Revenge and it will be trying to escape the block aid tonight. Fredrick also reveals that he thinks this whole problem was planned by the Genoans from the north in land and trade route grab. The group debates taking Fredrick with them or living him with his assigned guards. It is decided that the guard will follow and keep and eye on Fredrick and allow him to go with the group for a price. The Lady of the house lets them out into the orchard to allow them to sneak past the guards and down to Fredrick’s waiting ship. The group is able to head the Queen Anna Karin’s Revenge off at the pass. The ship are now pulled up along side on another and both ships are preparing for a fight. The Captain Red beard the dwarf is not aboard The QAKR but his half elf first mate is. Fredrick informs the group that this man has the artifact and that the gold is also aboard this ship.

The long talk

The group Josk Est,Shurdain Tribole, Talesin, Barry and Sirilan (Steven) wake up in the drunken oarsmen. They decide to head out to Gindrew’s restaurant and shop after being able to find now leads at to the whereabouts of Lord Fredrick themselves. When they arrive at Gindrew’s he says that he will be happy to help and invites them in. He happens to know where Fredrick is, he is staying at a local mansion on the northern part of town. The group discusses their options. 1) Send in Barry and Sirilain (steven) to say they have a message from the Needle and they need to speak with him in pirvate and then knock him out and kidnap him 2) Try and convince him to speak with Shurdain Tribole and Josk Est and privately and then overcome him, 3) Lure him back to Gindrew’s with the promise of more artifacts and then over power him. After much debate and a protest from Gindrew about keeping his establishment safe it is decided to go with option 2 with everyone going. They all arrive and are soon inside and speaking with Fredrick and his two guards. It appears that Fredrick is under a watch as they party finds out Fredrick is unable to dismiss he guards so that they can speak privately. He has heard that his life maybe in trouble and the guards are under orders to not let Fredrick out of their sight. At this point the gurads notice Talesin attempting to do something and then Sirilan (steven) punches one of the guards and Talesin then disappears in the confusion. Fredrick says that there is no need for violence and to not draw their weapons. Fredrick then notices that he has been shackled to Talesin who then appears next to Fredrick with the other end of the manacles attached to his arm. The guards draw their swords and then are attacked by Barry and Sirilan (Steven) to no effect other than a bruised hand and a cut arm neither on the guards. Fredrick then re-emphasizes that there is no need for violence they all then start talking.

Adulthood Trial where some almost die
We join the tribe of Elves and almost die in the attemt

After a long and uneventful night stuck in a tent, we were brought before the council and told that we have a choice to die or to take the trials of adulthood. So we each have a choice of wits, combat, or dexterity. Talisin, Surdain, and Grokk SkullcrusherGrokk all chose combat. Lee Sin choose dexterity and Josk Est choose wits.

Talesin was the first up and tried to convince the council to allow him to fight two opponents at once. Many of the young warriors were eager to take him up on the challenge and began to prepare for the fight. However, an elf with a dragon tattoo similar to Talesin’s stared down the rest of the elves and challenged him to a fight. Talesin is able to win the fight but it is strange to note that the fighters seemed to not hit each other very often.

Passing the Buck


Recon Mission - The Bloodfist Tribe
A tribe of Orcs is moving dangerously far south, pillaging everything in their path. The party must gather intel.

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