Messenger's Logbook, Supplemental 1
To my great amusement, I have been accidentally kidnapped.

Planar Date Y1102.22.21 Sword cane

After succumbing to my wounds during the final battle on the Draconic planet, I was secured, along with a drunken and battered dwarf, within the mystic confines of the mysterious artifact that my new companions refer to as “The Pen.”

Suspended Aninmation
Hmmm...this portal is taking longer than I thought

For some reason the trip through the portal is taking longer than expected. As I hang out in the nothingness between the worlds I start to wonder. But wait do I have a brain to wonder with? I have no senses other then a feeling of nothingness. I can’t move or see or really do anything but think but how can I think if I don’t have a body or brain? Oh well, these are the things for people like Sho-am to think about. I do worry that we may be stuck here in the space between for awhile, it might have something to do with the gate being changed from it’s original destination to that of the Rakasha from the mining world. I hope Dain is alright and I hope that nothing untoward happens to Saul and Eshu both in the pen, we may need more than Eliraz’s luck to get out of this. That portal to the elemental plane of water is really starting to bother me. Well I guess the Barbarian bothers Larry and Barry better hope we can get that stuff back so it can be something to worry about. Hey, maybe I will get to try out some of those new things I learned in Alchemy on the world of order.

The Final Assult
Guys with portals suck

We made our plans and set out with the best intentions. We healed up and then spoke to Lammasu. He and his army would make an opening in the CW army for us to get through to the portal. We set out after collecting Eshu, the Messenger and Saul in our pen who had fallen unconscious from the last battle. We, Barry, Larry ( Lazarus ), Shurdain Tribole and myself prepared our selves and waited for our opening. Lammasu and his army were victorious in getting us in right at the gate.

Order, Chaos and Dragon Men
Wait...whose side are we on again...?

The party finds out from the Cleric that he was attacked and killed by a Water Wyrd. The pool of water that they find in the barn in the pen is link that the WW has made with the elemental plane of water. The group at first in an attempt to get rid of the hole widens it but by using Sho-am Bahd (Retired)’s staff of earth and stone is able to seal it off with a dome of solid earth, they hope.

A portal hunting we will go.
Things cost money...let's fight!

The group reconvenes back at the inn. The dwarf body is in fact alive and his name is Saul. He has been drunk for the last twelves years and isn’t sure if his home is even on the same plane the he is currently inhabiting. He sets out to find a place to drink and get back to the state he was in before Shurdain Tribole, Josk Est and Sho-am Bahd rescued his unmoving body. Josk tries to convince Saul this would be a bad idea. Saul doesn’t really like this and is convinced to join Larry and Sho-am on a trip to visit Bill and complete their mission. Josk makes sure to remind them about he gate and losing their bodies yet again. Sho-am tells him to be quiet and tells Saul he doesn’t know what he is talking about and they head out.

We learn that playing with mages is a bad idea
Bodies we don't need no stinking bodies

So Sho-am Bahd Barry and Larry having been found out have lost their bodies for playing with a Necromancer. Bill tells them that they can retrieve their bodies but he has already sold them to someone else. The three of them set off on the etherial plane to find their way into the city and after a short jaunt through the sewers they end up in the basement of another wizard and find Sho-am Bahd and Larry’s bodies. Sho-am Bahd is examining his body and then brushes against it and is sucked into his body. The wizard thinking something funny is going on pumps him so full of happy drugs that he won’t be waking up for awhile. Barry and Larry act as polteigists and drive off the wizard. Barry is able to get into his body and they head back to Bill’s place. They remember to not to go through the gate that would cause them to lose their bodies.

And on the chalkboard, you will write...
"I will not play games with mages. I will not play games with mages. I will not play games with mages. I will not..."

Having safely departed the maze of “enlightenment,” we quickly proved ourselves to be no more in-tune with the powers of the universe than we had been before – perhaps even less so.

My mates and me made it to the magical metropolis of Fae, municipality of murderous mystics and magical madmen (and madwomen!). There my mates and me were met by some men-at-arms upon the ramparts – a truly impressive impediment. The men-at-arms made known to us the measures mandated for entry into the mythic megalopolis: the removal of a microscopic amount from each of our manes, mops, or mustaches, the imparting of the material matters of our own mystical masteries, and the embracing of the emblem of a mage lord, the inamorata of the community.

Enlightenment can be painful
Where we find out that doors are dangerous

So we are on a beach and soon discover that we are on an island with a small settlement near the center. People here are seeking enlightenment. Whatever that means. They are happy go lucky and have given themselves over to a life of simplicity and lack of worldliness. There is a temple up on a hill that once one feels they are enlightened that they enter and never return from. No one know where they go or even if they are still alive.

contuned what happened

The four of usShurdain Tribole,Josk Est, Sho-am Bahd, and Larry all jump into the water and swim for our lives. We find out that is is a little bit of maze but after much struggle we are able to gain the other side of the tunnel and find a gate waiting for us we head through and find ourselves on a beach.

Where I recollect on past things
I am rather afraid of what did happen

After exiting the portal and recovering from the disorinatation we all discover that we are in a very small pocket valley with a small mining commuity. After a discussion with the local leader who thinks we are their relief. We are able to convince them we are not to be trifled with and we are good to keep happy when we explain that we killed the dragon that we are towing around with us. The miniers are getting low on supplies and are waiting for the group they sent off looking fot the resupply group to show back up.


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