Messenger's Logbook, Supplemental 5
It's been a long day.

It would seem that the dragon we killed – or, rather, that Sir Shurdain killed before I was able to convince it to back down – was, in fact, the goodwife of Wizard Thurston, long trapped after an unfortunate polymorph was rendered irreversible by the magical shattering of this plane. Fortunately, that mistake was recently rendered moot. More on that in a moment.

Dreams are Strange Things
What is Munchkin and this thing called Cuthulu?

As I drift off in to slumber I am tense and worried over what I will see. The peaceful and restful sleep that I require for my Art has been fitful and at times terrifying due to that retched and vile creature’s ring.

It's a dragon kill it...
...dude its a gril!!!

My head is still reeling from the events that have happened. Right now I sit in an enchanted chamber with an obviously mad wizard, his kobold servant and my fellow adventurers. We have defeated the dragon but it may appear to our ultimate folly.

Messenger's Logbook, Supplemental 4
Law, Learning, and Labor. And a Dragon. Ouch.

After doing a bit more traveling in the region around Mooncape, we discovered the existence of something called the East Empire Trading Company, an organization that I believe I have heard of before. They, like the Cabinet and the Fatemakers, send their scions out among the planes seeking their fortunes. Unlike the Cabinet, however, they do not trade in secrets or power, and unlike the Fatemakers, they hold little value in glory and independence. They are treasure hunters, seekers of wealth – the one medium of exchange which truly cannot endure beyond death.

go go magic...pit?

As we appear on the world of order I feel a tenseness that I had been unaware of leave me. At least here I believe I am safe. We meet with the arbitrator again and offer up our collected knowledge in the hopes that we can gain some other small advantage against CHAOS. We are able to gain a better feeling of good will from him this time but that is all.

Seeking Knowlege and none is to be found
I think that smoke and fire go together

As we gather up the members our party I am swept up in a vision that I am still pondering and worry for the true implications. I now know things that are good but at the same time feel I must keep to myself. I will not put the vision to pen now as it could be used against me, this I fear.

What happens in the Moon Cape Stays in the Moon Cape
We ain't coming back so what do we have to worry about?

I do have to say that for a group of rather wild people we seem to have become somewhat domesticated. All of this talking and reasoning is making me feel restless and a need to do violence. Those who stand in my way are taking their own lives into their hands. The matter or returning to Adanne has begun to press upon me in a way that I don’t yet understand. This sword business is troubling as well. The people of Moon Cape seem to be desperate to regain and return a seemingly useless, and easily stolen, item to a fool and buffoon. The Rakshasa appears to enjoy taunting us and I feel that it is in some way a distraction from our main goal of getting rid of Chaos. Eshu is more and more of an enigma to me, though he is rather helpful to our group. The ring of “non” detect thoughts has also become a point of vexation and also why I want hurry to the world of order to try and research it. For now I am willing to go along with gathering as much information on this world as it may prove to be useful coin at the library.

Messenger's Logbook, Supplemental 3
A Lot of Big Talk and a Death List

Talk, talk, talk. You know, I’m all for thinking things out ahead of time and planning my actions out to the T, but I fear I had forgotten how annoying it is to work with other people sometimes. Conversation is so much simpler when the other party is drinking poison, calling for the guards I killed earlier, or gargling blood at the end of my blade.

Messenger's Logbook, Supplemental 2
In Which I Perform the Work of 4 Lesser Men

Having left the dungeon, temporarily, I sought out someone who might provide magical identification services which could reveal the properties of my new-found goods. A few hours surreptitious listening and careful question-asking pointed me to some kind of black market establishment.

Where do we go from here
Being clearn or dirty really makes a difference

We find ourselves Josk Est,Larry ( Lazarus ), and Barry in the middle of a very, almost insanely, clean street. People are starting to gather around and Larry and Barry in there disheveled state find themselves the objects of much attention.

We are approached by the local guard and they mistakenly assume that the brothers are servants of mine and that they are less than human and suggest that they jump into the nearest fountain and clean themselves off. Once it is know that they are not going to eat any children in sight we head to a tailor to get the brothers better outfitted. I am told to make my animals to wait outside while I shop. I am able to get some clothes for them on the promise that we will burn their other clothing and that we wash in the ocean and not a local fountain.


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