Messenger's Logbook, S12
Oh, the Horror, Part 6: I'm the Juggernaut, B!

Praise whatever gods you will, we slept peacefully through the night. As our mission grows ever more urgent, and hope grows ever more dim, we plunge deeper and deeper into the Tomb.

Messenger's Logbook, S11
Oh, the Horror, Part 5: Get back, Loretta!

The Tomb grows ever more horrible with each passing hour. A slimy doom has claimed Loretta in a rather regrettable accident; Josk has noted the details in his journal, and will no doubt live with the guilt of it for some time to come. Suffice to say that there will be no chance to effect a rescue, no hope to undo the doom that has befallen him…er, her…our companion. There was not even time to cry in useless warning, “Get back, Loretta!”

Labs, tapestries and more fog
Slime can be deadly or not

We all wake from some strange dream. It was just dream for me but my companions swear that it was real and that a demon even gave them a token for another trial if we so desire. I don’t know about trusting a demon.

An Interlude: Deadly Dreams
We sleep perchance to dream, we dream perchance to die...

So, Josk was feeling a bit sick – probably from running around in the nude.

Anyway, we took a short break to catch our breath, fix our loincloths, re-organize our table cases, and generally relax. Apparently that’s not a good thing to do in this place. Whether it was a dream or not, I cannot say, but we all seem to have shared in it, and it felt as real as anything I’ve ever experienced in the waking world.

Messenger's Logbook, S10
Oh, the Horror, Part 4: In Which the Tomb's True Purpose is Revealed

So they’re naked. Yep. I really don’t want to talk about it – seeing is more than I want to have in common with their nudity. Talking is right out.

Lost and then Found
Flying naked adventures truly make this a tomb of horrors

Paid for April: Jon, Jeremy, Ben

Free, free at last from that wretched ring! I am naked, but I am once again alone in my thoughts and the Rakshasa cannot know we are coming to end him and his foul master! Of course my fellow adventures my not see things the same way. Fine-Tune my newest companion may seriously reconsider her choice to follow me in her search for everlasting life for other members of her kind. I see I need to back up a little and recount what has transpired since I last put pen to paper.

Messenger's Logbook, S9
Oh, the Horror, Part 3: Worst Slot Machines Ever

So the last secret passage revealed a short tunnel – upon crawling out, we found that the tunnel exit was disguised as a painted orb in the hands of a painted stone gargoyle on the wall in a hall full of painted monsters holding painted orbs. Exciting stuff, really.

Messenger's Logbook, Supplemental 8
Oh, the Horror, Part 2: The Lich is in Seclusion Because His Poem Got Rejected

So the next door we tried showed us a long hallway with a winding path of red tiles

Messenger's Logbook, Supplemental 7
Oh, the Horror, Part 1: Kobold Jelly is Off the Menu

After returning to Phyrexia and meeting back up with the Chaos-Foes, it was decided that we should explore the two unopened portals in the Greater Library. The first one we picked led us to the entrance of some strange tomb – apparently some horrible fiend decided to safeguard his treasures on a demiplane, and managed to link it up to the gate network, perhaps to lure the unwary in to their deaths.

Messenger's Logbook, Supplemental 6
Home for the Holidays

After pursuing the unfortunate formerly known as Barry the Barbarian through the STC portal, I was forced to flee after being struck temporarily blind by some smart ass magic user. This also presented a convenient opportunity for me to return home to report in. Besides, I’ve never planeshifted under my own power before.


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