Sho-am Bahd (Retired)

A supplicant of the divine powers and a student of the arcane arts, Bahd is well-educated and trained in the art of unlocking secrets.


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Sho-Ahm Bahd was educated in Eleston, where he spent most of the first 90 years of his life in a Cloistered Monastery, copying and re-copying texts on various topics, and eventually helping higher-ranking scholars to research their own original texts. Eventually growing bored with this life, he then left to pursue a more exciting education at the Universitas Arcana, Eleston’s premier school or wizardry. He spent about 50-odd years there before realizing conclusively that the professors were intentionally holding him back in order to get more tuition out of him and promptly quit.

Finding himself quite without direction in life, Bahd took employment as a clerical contractor with the Elestonian Army and has spent the last 4 years traveling with them and seeing very little real action.

Most recently, he joined up with a group of semi-famous adventurers in Antibas. These adventurers recently disappeared from their newly rebuilt home in Brightstone Keep, and no one seems to know where they’ve gone.

Neither do they, as it turns out.

Sho-am Bahd (Retired)

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