Eshu, the Messenger

Also known as Raven, Iktomi, and perhaps a dozen other names in different places, Eshu is an infiltrator, poisoner, and assassin.


Little about Eshu reflects the reality. His body and clothing change appearance to suit his needs on a regular basis. He is heavily armed, though the only visible weapon he carries is a light mace. His suitcase folds out into a table, and is packed tight with gear for covering a variety of contingencies.

Oh, and he can read minds.


As a changeling, Eshu is naturally talented at deception and infiltration, and the career he has chosen to pursue takes full advantage of those strengths. He started his career as a Rogue, running cons to make a living in the street. After a few run-ins with some rather deadly dudes, he entered into a mercenary company and underwent a strict training regimen to increase his combat capabilities.

Eshu was unsuited for warfare, however, as he preferred to strike only at unsuspecting foes and flee from situations in which he does not have the upper hand. He soon left the mercenaries and struck out to find new prospects. It was then that he first discovered the gates, and his ability to travel through them. He was approached by an organization known as the Fatemakers, an elite group of influential individuals dedicated to increasing their own personal power and prestige, and agreed to join an expedition to study the gates. An accident left him stranded on an alien plane inhabited largely by shapeshifters, doppelgangers, and other changelings – perhaps even the original home of his race. His arrival caused quite a stir, as magical examinations of him proved the existence of other planes. More importantly, it proved that living creatures could pass between them.

He was then recruited to join the Cabinet of Faces, the ruling body of that plane, and masters of subterfuge and manipulation. With their guidance, he has begun to increase his mental and physical abilities exponentially – it turns out his knack for reading body language was actually an under-developed ability to read minds.

Since that time, he has undertaken several missions for the Cabinet. Latest on the list is a mission to assess the growing threat of Chaos spreading through the multiverse, and to slow or halt it if he can.

His nickname, “the Messenger,” comes in part from a favored infiltration tactic – Eshu pretends to be delivering a message of some importance, in order to get close to an influential mark. It is also his title within the Cabinet.

Eshu, the Messenger

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