• Barry(DEAD)


    Brother to Larry, will fight anything (that is living)
  • Eshu, the Messenger

    Eshu, the Messenger

    Also known as Raven, Iktomi, and perhaps a dozen other names in different places, Eshu is an infiltrator, poisoner, and assassin.
  • Fine-Tune (died defending friends)

    Fine-Tune (died defending friends)

    Artificer become cleric seeking out the meaning of existance and the afterlife for thoes of her kind.
  • Josk Est

    Josk Est

    A scorcer who was raised by his Mother in the woods. Looking to experience the world and sometimes reckless.
  • Kebollo


    Kebollo, son of Abahadon the Fearless stands 7'6" and scaling in at 722 lbs. Atop his head are two curved horns daunting in nature between them lie two beady black eyes. His fur is thick and shaggy, brown along with many bare patches and scars.
  • Lazarus (also, DEAD)

    Lazarus (also, DEAD)

    Brother of Barry, another barbarian from the wild lands in the East.
  • Sho-am Bahd (Retired)

    Sho-am Bahd (Retired)

    A supplicant of the divine powers and a student of the arcane arts, Bahd is well-educated and trained in the art of unlocking secrets.
  • Siritol (DEAD)

    Siritol (DEAD)

    Replacement for Grokk, a swift assassin and cunning criminal.