Yous not so tough

bigger they are the harder they fall and burn

The death of our companion and general use member seems to give us more courage and vigor. We launch the assault on the Dark Stalker with the knowledge that if one of us can fall then we all may.

I send some blazing bolts the way of the beast. YuMiMi dispatches the final shadow thing. We stand in line ready to do battle and the monster steps closer. Eshu (Raven) sneaks up behind the creature and Shurdain takes a circuitous route to begin attacking. A the beast comes closer Fine-Tune and myself feel a chilling creeping up our spines, her with the Deathless behind her and my alchemical knowledge are able to fight of the urge to freeze in our tracks leaving our party to die. YuMiMi and Frerin step up to the monstrosity and begin to hack away at it. Fine-Tune sends another fire ball past the beast missing the members of our group. The creature rears back and the and seems to throw something but nothing appears to leave its hands. Suddenly, I feel weak and demoralized. Fine-Tuen collapses under the strain of whatever spell has been cast upon us. Swish also succumbs to the vileness of the creatures horrible spell. I am able to retreat out of the influence of the spell. Surdains fast thinking of casting an invisible wall and our party converging on the beast allows Eshu to land the killing blow. Sadly Fine-Tune and Swish were sacrificed themselves so that the rest of us could

We all breath a sigh of relief as the creature does down and does not rise again. Eshu says some prayers and tosses large amounts of God and Gems upon the corpse of the best and lights it on fire. I loot the bodies of the king, and his remaining cohorts. I find items of amazing quality and workman ship set about organizing and identifying them. We find another portal that leads back to the world of three rooms and head through the portal. A Minotaur has now joined our party. I have to admit that I am beginning to get worried about our party and the continuation of our quest. We are letting Kobolds and Minotaurs into our group and that worries me.


JonathonVolkmer JeremyLepper

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