The end is nigh

Dwarf SMASH!

So after waking up discovering that is smelled strongly of koblod and had no hair I prompltly fixed the situation and disabled the kobold and knocked him out. The room behind the throne we searched and found four statues a crypt and a burning brazer…

after looking around and dodging the potential of another bad free wish we are able to find in a very convoluted manner the hidden door under a statue. In my not thinking state I did nearly kill the party, I do blame the koblod for this since his stench distracted me so much. I brought a broken staff of the magi out of the anti magic room and it blew up there. Those caught in the blast survived but just barely.

Heading down the stairs we turn left into a dead end. Upon searching we are able to discern a key hole in the wall. The key on the stairs scares some people until I am able to pick it up. The key doesn’t work. We do remember that we picked up another key from the left over from the lab we try that and the wall slides down into an empty room. Upon searching we find another key hole in the floor. I try the lock with the scary key and after three turns Fine Tune and my self are smashed against the ceiling and all of our items are revealed. I transform into a pixie and Fine Tune’s unconscious form is moved out of the way. FrFrerin reaches in and grabs his hammer and immediately two swords appear and feel as if my form is trying to be taken over.

Suddenly another person appears from the anti-magic room he seems to know some of the members of our party. He assess the situation and begins helping us in our fight. Suddenly the gem encrusted skull rises up and tries to suck out our souls. the Ghost with the swords and he new guys swap places. Frerin runs forward and deals a mighty blow to the skull, Raven appears to throw some sort of card shaped thing his way, not sure what it did but is helped. The skull shatters and the ghost is taken down by the new guys. The back wall opens up and a gate is revealed.

I put all of my equipment back on except the ring the linked my thoughts to the Raksha. We head through the portal and end up in a room with a key and another poem. I am sick of poems at this point. We decide on our way and open the door that shows us nothing. We find another portal, upon exiting from it we find ourselves in a place of total darkness that nothing can penetrate and the sounds of something hungry beginning to surround us.


what about the mummy?

The end is nigh

I was getting down just the major stuff and trying to keep things shorter, plus I forgot.

The end is nigh
JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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