Messenger's Logbook, S17

Different Kinds of Darkness

The Night Stalker is no more, and I have at last unlocked some of the true power of my blade – in slaying the foul monstrosity, I have proven my devotion to the cause of neutrality yet further than ever before, and Eliraz Halfmoon, God of Magic, Secrets, and Death, has rewarded me.

We don t need no water

I made a holocaust of the beast’s corpse, and made offerings of gold and gems as well. In return, he has given Oblivion’s Delight (the sword I bear) the boons of Obscurity, Lightning, and – most potently – a soul of its own, that it might carry on the quest should I one day fall.

Oh, and did I mention Yaghy died in the fighting? A victim of friendly fire, if I recall. Literally. No one seemed too upset about this, but people do die all the time.

Enough about all that.

After considerable indecisiveness and a surprise body change upon jumping through one gate, we ended up going back to ORDER. There, Josk started some research, and Shurdain began looking for a new cohort to carry his stuff around for him.

Frerin, Yu Mimi, and myself took off with a friendly Minotaur we encountered to slay Lamasu, the Dragonkin King. See, it turns out that these black halos we’ve been seeing around some people’s heads are actually links binding guardians to the Chaos Avatar – guardians that we’ll have to defeat on our way toward ending this nasty business.

Unless, of course, we destroy the links before we get there, banishing the guardians off to whence they came. Now, yes, some of these links are righteous people – Lamasu being one, so far as I can tell. But you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

And you can’t save the universe without stabbing a few good people along the way.

Besides, Lamasu was always a bit self-righteous for my test. Always allowing his sympathies to get in the way of making the logical decisions. Sure, I’d rather him rule than the chaos armies, but this isn’t an A or B situation. If he goes down, someone will take his place – maybe it’ll be someone better suited to the vagaries of leadership.

Maybe not, of course, but that’s why I carry the sword. There’s no saying I can’t come back.


I find it so amusing that you all JUST realized what the black halos were even though you all found out what they did soooooo long ago. You are all so silly.

Messenger's Logbook, S17

Shhhh! No one else knew that! And I’m not sure that anyone ever actually explained that to Eshu, even if I should have known.

Messenger's Logbook, S17
JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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