Messenger's Logbook, S16

A World of Darkness, Part 1: Every Shadow Contains Only More Shadows

Seriously, it’s really dark here.

After following a cliff face by touch for a short way, we found a plank bridge spanning a chasm. After Yaghy, the Kobold, made sure it was safe, I teleported the rest of the group across the chasm. Walking along a little ways, we discovered a road, and a broken bridge.

The road lead first to the dead bodies of Bat-Persons, who apparently have phosphorescent blood, and then on to a small town full of Bat-Corpses, as well as the corpses of odd Shadow-Things.

It seemed a battle had taken place, and judging from the body of the Bat-King and his Bat-Guards, as well as the general lack of living Bat-Persons around coupled with the well-known fact that Shadow-Things are generally not city-builders, I reached the conclusion that this had probably not gone well for the Bat-Persons. Oh, did I mention that the area was lit with their phosphorescent blood?

Our initial exploration of the area was quickly interrupted by the arrival of a small horde of Shadow-Things. While difficult to hit and moderately dangerous, we were successful at driving them off. Then the big boss showed up.
A surprisingly large fireball launched from one of the Bat-Person’s magic weapons accidentally killed Yaghy (may he rest in peace), but did put at least a little hurting onto our over-sized foe. With some luck, we’ll make it out of this alive.



JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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