Messenger's Logbook, S15

Oh, the Horror, Part 9: More Like A Bloody Disappointment

That’s it, then. Frerin just plan smasherooed the Skull of Acererak, outright. I had called upon the power of my dark master to aid us, here, and I saw the signs of his endless power in that deadly blow. Plus, I came out unscathed. Clearly a good sign.

Exhibit 33a: Acererak's Skull

The Skull’s ghostly aid was little trouble for us to dispatch, once its master was destroyed, and so we looted the room, finding everyone’s missing gear, a variety of enchanted items, and a small pile of gold (Did I mention that the massive fortune was just a decoy? Go, go, enchanted rocks!). Being the death-defying schmucks that we are, we decided that we could use a bit more peril, so we freed the mummy from the pen, and slew that, too. You know, just for kicks. That’s how we roll.

Anyway, the battle having lasted all of 30 seconds, we regrouped, recouped, and decided to skedaddle while we were up. The gate in the back of the tomb lead us into a small room with a table, a note, a key, and three locked doors.

Looking through the tiny windows in each door, we saw that one lead to a happy little village, one lead to wilderness and ruins, and one revealed only darkness. Following the lessons taught by the tomb of horrors, my compatriots decided that the happy little town was an obvious deception and so we proceeded into darkness.

Then all the lights stopped working.

Great choice, guys.


JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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