Messenger's Logbook, S14

Oh, the Horror, Part 8: More Than Meets The Eye

Since last I wrote, we’ve had a series of misadventures that hardly bears remembering, much less repeating. I will sum up. Column problems

Three of us, in total, were nearly killed braving the same room trapped with animate swords and shields. Three. And the room beyond was empty except for a taunt carved in stone.

Many of us were temporarily blinded when the Kobold (who has lost his name privileges) wished on a cursed gem, and Swish was nearly caught in the explosion. The room we had been searching is truly empty, making both the effort and the cursed wish complete wastes.

Two different people were shocked attempting to use a key – practically the definition of insanity right there. Fortunately, I discovered that the scepter was the real key to the Mithral doors beneath the throne.

We summoned an Efreet, who would probably have offered us a Wish or three, but someone who shall, like the Kobold, remain nameless, told him he was free.

That same someone later carried a broken Staff of the Magi out of the room, where it blew up and sent half the party (literally half the party) to 0 HP. The gods themselves must have intervened to keep them alive at all.

Everyone saw my true form in the anti-magic field. That probably means I’ll have to kill them all at some point. I mean, that’s a simple assassin code violation right there, isn’t it?

DecepticonOn the up side, we found about a million GP worth of gems – assuming they don’t vanish when we leave – and after we knocked all of the Iron Men of Visage Grim down (lamest decepticons ever, more than meets the eye, my foot!) we found a passageway that undoubtedly leads to the real tomb hidden beneath this one. With any luck, this whole acid trip is about to come to a bloody finale.


Love it!

Messenger's Logbook, S14
JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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