Messenger's Logbook, S13

Oh, the Horror, Part 7: The King is Dead, Long Live the King

So we’ve explored the so-called “Columned Hall” pretty thoroughly at this point. We found a glowing orange gem, surrounded by bodies, and we found an evil looking throne with an equally evil-looking crown and scepter set in gold and silver. Sweet recliner, dude! After a bit of testing, we discovered that touching the silver end of the scepter to the crown (which is solid gold) while it’s on someone’s head kills them pretty much instantly, so that’s exciting (note: I have no comment on whether or not any summoned Water Elementals were harmed). And apparently touching the gold end to the crown just lets you take it off, which is a bit underwhelming. The Kobold, Yagi, is holding/wearing all of that right now, so apparently none of it is otherwise immediately lethal.

On the bright side, we also found the secret passage beneath the throne, which we guess must lead to the final tomb of who- or whatever is buried here. However, rather than rush off to our dooms, we decided to look for our stolen arms and armor first.

We found one room which seemed to be completely empty, meaning that it probably needs a more thorough searching. And one room with swords and shields hanging on the walls. Frerin nearly got himself killed walking in there, when the swords and shields took such a strong disliking to him that they floated off the walls and attacked.

Finally, we found a ransacked room containing only a sarcophagus, which I naturally opened. We blasted the mummy inside with fire, and I pried off its head, all to no avail. When Shurdain removed the gem from its eye, the mummy rose again, and even now we are engaged in furious battle. I have already fought off its deadly clutches once – now I prepare to strike it done once and for all!


JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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