Jeremy's adventures in the hospital

I fail my heal check and need a "cleric" to fix me

So I got to go the the ER yet again. I thought it would be a quick oh you have this, and bada bing bada boom I am home in time to play games. Nope that is not what happened.

So I arrived around noon and of course because I am really weird I started to feel better once I got to the hospital. The doctors x-rayed and CAT scanned me and became worried that I had an infection. More blood was drawn more test were done. I got admitted to the hospital, sigh. Tues, morning I went in to have my guts looked at with a camera from the inside. Now, this is always interesting because they give you drugs that make you loopy and to have amnesia. So the only parts you remember is when the pain meds stop before they give you enough to make it stop hurting. Also you have fuzzy memories of what people say to you. I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t at some point invite the doctor and nurses to come game with us at some point. I woke up feeling better, made a couple of very sleepy sounding phone calls to family to update them then passed out. I continued to improve all day Tues and then waited to see the doctor Weds evening and got to go home. I found out how truly bored I can get when I just have the TV to entertain me.


Well, shucks, man! Glad you’re back home. Take it easy, now.

JonathonVolkmer JeremyLepper

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