Here comes the big guy (set to the wedding march)


The roaring sounds that we heard were what appear to be living shadows. They slink and squirm from out of the darkness. The party members quickly become engaged in a fight with the creatures. It is only by the luminescence of the blood of the fallen inhabitants of this city that we can see anything.

Fine-Tune and I quickly search for something that might be useful in our fight against these seemingly terrible foes. I cast flight and Fine-Tune grabs up the staff of what appears to be a fallen wizard. She fires off the staff and a huge fire ball blazes into the darkness and seems to do no damage to the larger sound that is fast approaching. Some of the party is singed and Fine-Tune makes note but not well enough. Fighting valiantly our party is able to fight off and kill the shadow creatures. Yaggi picked up one of the fallen races daggers and seems to be immune to missing with it. The other members of the party don’t fare so well in their stubbornness to keep using their own weapons.

All but one of the shadows has fallen to our collective might when out of the darkness steps a very large and foreboding create. His very presence seems to freeze some of our party in their tracks. Fine-Tune steps up to fire her staff and warns and waits for those of our group to get out of the way. Yaggi doesn’t move and Fine-tune realises that he is stuck. Being of the Warforged the sacrifice of the one does not out weigh that of the many and fires the staff. It is a direct hit ont he monster yet Yaggis body is charred and destroyed beyond recognition. Our Kobold has fallen.


JonathonVolkmer JeremyLepper

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