Columns, Columns, eveywhere but not a drop to drink.

We came, we saw, we woke him up

The giant columned stood before us and we decided to enter carefully as just casting about has caused us no end of trouble (sorry Loretta). An orange glow beckons to us from across the room. Upon further explorations there are way too many columns three doors, a throne with a crown on it and two very scary faces hanging about 10 feet up on the walls. This is going to be tricky.

So the throne is suppose to be “key and keyed” we Fine-Tune and I go to check that out. I do determine that the columns are magical and warns the rest of the group away from touching them, just in case. We all kind of split up and check out various areas of the room and in as few words as possible. the orange glow is from a gem surrounded by decaying bodies. It is lifted by Raven, via telekinesis, to the throne and nothing happens. I summon a water elemental and by his actions we are able to determine that the crown can kill you if you touch the wrong color to it. The secret door is opened behind the throne and we are set to go. The rest of the party is treasure hungry and so they decide to go looking around some more. Raven finds a room with a mummified body in it we try frying it and generally destroying it, even going so far as to remove its head. Nothing happens, perhaps we decided to poke the bear one too many times, Surdain removed the ruby from the headless mummy and then it decided to wake up.

At the same time Frerin decided to enter the middle door and found to his great dismay that there are animated shields and swords guarding this room. Fine-Tune was able to get there just as he fell out the door and collapsed. She soon had him up. We may need him soon since the mummy has summoned a few swarms for us to deal with and fire doesn’t seem to be doing much to him. Shurdain did notice a ring of fire protection on him so we at least know what not to use.


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